Saturday, December 25, 2010

A day at the Super Market

Welcome to my new journey. My first time blogging.....Omg...I don't know about you, but running through the supermarket can be overwhelming especially if you have NO idea what to cook or even where to start!!!!!!
Aisle by Aisle can by can.... And what are all these strange looking veggies? What do you do with them! Certainly these were not in my mothers kitchen notes of what to get. You can only do so much with corn!!!!!....
That's where i come in. I've taken the time to super-sleuth these items for you. Most of you know by trial and error like me; what we like and don't. If you don't try something new, how do you know if you like it? IE..... Celeriac Its looks like it came from planet Claire....beige no food should be beige...Long thin roots ....Omg it looks like cousin Manny after his hair transplants..
Yet a great combination with carrots. This alternative root vegetable homely looking at best, is a cold weather favorite, unusual flavor complexity ( celery-parsley) with an earthy scent like that of truffles.
My goal- to take you on a journey of discovery. To search down endless aisles of undiscovered goodies that you can turn into gourmet meals.
I invite you to tour with me your local super market......Many of us go to our local food stores or wharehouses with the path already paved of the USUAL SUSPECTS that we all call food, grub or frozen tundra, scraping off layer of frost from the freezer.......HMMMM
Food shoppping should'nt have to be like The Stepford Wives... OK OK so you go with your best designer stuff incase your neighbor looks better that you....First stopVEGGIES... Now we only eat what we know, Yet you always pick up some oddity and wonder Whats that for and how do i cook it!!!!!! What are you waithing for? Simple, just write down whatever it is you have in your hand & research ,research ,research, 9 out 10 it won't be so odd this NEW food item that once was a mystery. Same goes with Spices and herbs we'll talk later on that.
So next time you see Celeriac or Bok Choy orTomatillo..... get on your niffty little phone look it up and do something with it!!!!!
You may just LIKE IT!!!!!
Next isle................. The Spice road